My process

I'm driven by a persistent eagerness to solve problems and make stuff better. I create my best work when I stick to a game plan and timeline. This approach allows me to trust the process, so ideas have space to emerge. If genius isn't striking, there's a reason why. So, I go back to any questions looming in the back of my mind. My process helps me discover answers.

Steps I like to follow

  • Research and information gathering – what do I need to know in order to do my best work?
  • Target audience refinement and persona creation – so I can ask myself, would Sally like this?
  • Moodboarding – so we can picture a solution before we start
  • Concepting – often beginning with pen-on-paper ideation
  • Informal user testing with the target audience – when I get to actually ask Sally if she likes it
  • Concept selection – based on how the client reacts to each concept and my user testing findings
  • Constructive feedback loop with the client – focused on improvement and refinement, until we reach a solution

My favourite tools

I use InDesign for most compositions, and Illustrator for logos, icons and illustrative work. My most common use for Photoshop is retouching rasterised artwork – usually paintings that I scan in. For video editing, I use Premiere Pro, and a bit of After Effects here and there.

My Wacom tablet is my preferred tool for illustration. Still, I create a lot of work the old fashioned way: some of my favourite supplies include my watercolours, oil pastels and coloured pencils.