The Chandlery

Brand identity and packaging design. Freelance work, 2018


The Chandlery was founded in 2015 to make cosmetically-safe soy candles that burn cleanly and can be used as massage oil as they melt. After a hiatus, it has relaunched with a new range.  The final solution is inspired by three key aspects. First, the name of the business – a space where candles are made, traditionally the candle-making room in medieval homes. Second, cleanliness – to reflect the ingredients used and the serenity a nice candle can bring. Third, user-friendliness and functionality. The dual-usability of the candles had to be reflected in its packaging.



  • Small wooden spoons to gather melted oil
  • Simple cylindrical jars, chosen for their wide opening that allows users to easily access melted oil and light candles
  • Double-wick design that melts candles evenly
  • Custom reusable cloth bags


A deep, muted blue is used to evoke a calm, trustworthy feeling – it might also remind users of evening time, when they're most likely to relax with a candle. The peachy beige compliments the blue and brings a freshness to the mix. The client asked for colours to remain somewhat subtle, so the labels don't clash with home decor.